The costly price of not learning your lessons

How to learn your life lessons | Success-soul™ Living Blog As a conscious entrepreneur, chances are you are doing your business to fulfill your purpose in life. You know you have a gift to share with the world and you know you have been brought to this planet to share this gift, possibly using your business as the vehicle to carry out your purpose.

In this process, as you are growing your business, you’re probably also starting to see how your business is helping you step into being the best version of yourself. It is a necessary process in order for you to succeed in your purpose and in your business.

If you are not growing, your business is not growing. You either move forward or backwards. And personal development is probably starting to become a way of life. As part of that, you may need to shed old habits and ways that are no longer serving you. Old programming, thinking and beliefs need to change in order for you to reach new heights, or even to be able to make a living. Old relationships may fall away, you may need to move, and you may need to let go of clutter that is no longer in alignment with the person you want to be; the best version of yourself.

The Universe has a way of pushing us forward, and if we don’t learn our lessons, another lesson of bigger magnitude will continue to be presented to you until you finally learn your lesson.

This happens to me all the time. It’s as if the more aware we become, the more the Universe holds us accountable. We can no longer afford to hold on to the old ways, and if we do, we experience challenges that forces us to look at things in new ways – and change.

But are you learning your lessons? I’ve noticed that there are a lot of conscious entrepreneurs who understand concepts intellectually, but they are unable to embody their knowledge and live it.

As you become more aware, know that you will be put to a higher standard, and not following your guidance and awareness can be very costly.

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The smallest straw can break the camel’s back.

I know this very well because I have experienced it. A while back, things were going so well in my business. I didn’t work very much, but money and clients were flowing. I went on lots of great vacations. I loved my life and my business. I enjoyed lots of great time with my boys. I felt that I lived the life I had always wanted.

But then a small seed of doubt came into my mind. How can it be this easy? Do I really deserve this? And guess what, even though it was the smallest amount of doubt, my business income dropped more than $15,000 in one month!

How could this happen?

The universe operates via universal laws, and nothing happens by accident. There is always a cause. You are the cause of everything that happens in your life, whether you understand it or not, whether you choose to believe it or not. You create from your own consciousness.

The smallest amount of doubt, the smallest amount of feeling undeserving of my abundant life, caused my business to plummet.  I realized I was put to a higher standard than before. The amount of doubt I had had was nothing compared to what I had sometimes had in the past, yet this time, it caused this big change in my business almost overnight.

(To learn how to thrive in a world full of fear and not get caught up in the drama around you, you may want to read this article I wrote.)

This is what your mind does. It is very powerful. But are you learning the lessons you need to learn?

With your mind, you can just as easily create the things you don’t want as the ones you do want. And it’s actually no harder to create the reality you want than it is to create the reality you don’t want, even though this is not what most of you have been taught. No more effort is required in your mind. You just need to operate from a different level of consciousness; you need to change your programming and your subconscious beliefs to align with what you want to create.

But there was something else that caused this to happen as well. I started listening more to outside advice than to my inner guidance. Ouch! What a costly mistake!

We’re all equipped with our own guidance system; our intuition. Yet, we’re taught to look outside for answers. We want to learn from the gurus. We think because someone else is successful at doing something one way, we will be too. But the more aware and conscious you are, the more important it is for you to stay aligned to your own truth. To run your business your way – and that may be differently from what anyone else out there is doing.

The more aware you are, the more you may have realized that the cookie-cutter approach to business doesn’t work for you. You need to follow your inner guidance, in order to stay aligned.

If we don’t learn our lessons, we will be presented again and again with challenges to help us learn the lesson. If you keep struggling with the same issues or problems, you’re probably not learning your lessons.

So let me ask you this; are you learning your lessons or are you stuck in a hamster wheel, constantly faced with the same problem but getting nowhere?

The great thing is, once the lesson is learned, you will never go back to having that same kind of challenge again. You will have graduated so to speak.

You will move on to learning the next lesson, and the next and the next – and believe me, life will only get better!

Are you willing to change your ways now? Are you willing to start living from a place of truth? Are you willing to let go of all of the beliefs, thinking and programming that constantly sabotage you?

You can resist, or you can surrender and be who you are meant to be. Surrender is a lot easier. And know that if you don’t, the Universe will keep bringing you bigger and bigger challenges, so that eventually you have no choice but to surrender and eventually learn your lesson.

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