Lack or abundance: It’s YOUR choice

How to stop lack thinking | Success-soul™ Living Blog A client of mine recently was asking me for more clarification around abundance. If the Universe is abundant, then why are so many people living in lack?

I wanted to give her a really good answer, and thought about how I had asked this same question years ago as well, without feeling I got an answer I could truly accept or understand.

So, I decided to write a blog about it, as I know many people are asking the same question. I hope this article will help you understand the concept of abundance. If the truth of the Universe is abundance, then why is there lack?

While I feel there are many angles to talk about this, let’s just make a few things clear:

  • We live in a Universe operated by spiritual laws. Just as there are laws in the physical world, such as the law of gravity, there are spiritual laws and principles that govern the Universe as well. Nothing happens by chance, everything happens by law. When you understand how the laws work, you can have these laws work for you instead of against you.

  • We have been taught/programmed that there is not enough, so we need to compete for resources. This is not really true. There is enough for everyone. If you operate from the physical world, you think you need to share your cake. If you only see one cake and there are 5 people, then you need to share the cake between 5 people. Meaning, the more one person gets, the less the other one gets. And the more people present wanting the cake, the less everyone gets. The problem with lack thinking is that people think about only what they can currently see with their physical eyes. When you share that cake, there are limited resources. The cake is only so big and you may be inclined to say: There’s not enough for everyone!
  • Truth is, if you only look to the physical world for your supply, the resources may be limited. But, you have a faculty called your mind, which has the ability to create. Your thoughts and your mind are creative. When you understand that you can literally create another cake using your mind, then you understand that the resources are not limited, because now you can make as many cakes as you want and not have to share them with anyone, should you so choose. Think of it like this: You mow the grass, and the next week it has grown back. Where did it come from? It was created from source! Just like the grass multiplies itself, you have the ability to do the same using your mind. Everything that currently exists in this Universe has been created from source. The money already in your bank account came from source. Accept this as true. There are probably some quantum scientists that can actually explain to you how it actually works, but I’m not going to tell you how, because honestly I couldn’t tell you. The key is to know that it does happen this way. And if you need the proof, keep searching for it and you will find it!
Resources from source are unlimited. You can never exhaust them. There is no lack. Click To Tweet
  • When you are using your mind to create, you are tapping into the unlimited source. When you do this, you are not taking from anyone else, you are CREATING the thing you think about with your mind. What you create will come to you in whatever form the Universe finds the easiest and quickest route. So don’t try to figure out where your cake is going to come from. Just accept that your job is to ask for the cake, expecting it to arrive, and it’s the Universe’s/Source’s job to figure out the how. Think of being in a restaurant, ordering a cake, and expecting its arrival soon. It’s as easy as that! OK, so you can swap the cake for money if you like 🙂
  • The key to understand is that everything comes from source, and the resources from source are unlimited. You can never exhaust them. So when you are creating with your mind, you need never be afraid that you are taking anything away from anyone else or more than your share. Instead of taking from other people’s cake, you create your own. You don’t compete for resources and you actually have MORE! In fact, you do not need to compete at all as you are in total control of what you get, while at the same time, not touching anyone else’s cake.
  • The Universe always wants to give you what you want, even more so than you want it. The problem with you not receiving it is due to programming in your subconscious mind that you cannot have it and your attention to lack. You get what you focus on. If you are programmed to see lack, you will not be able to see abundance and you will see only lack, but abundance will always be there for you once you open up to it. If you don’t believe this is true, start thinking about the size and scope of this universe. Start counting the blades of grass on your lawn, the leafs on the trees, the ants in the anthill…you get the picture. We live in total abundance. Is there not enough air for you to breathe?

So, how do you open up to abundance?

You need to challenge your beliefs, thoughts and actions. If we are talking about money, you need to challenge some of the beliefs you have about money. Remember, the subconscious mind will always project its belief into your reality, so you will always get what you believe deep in your heart.

As Henry Ford said: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, either way, you’re right.” – this is because your beliefs govern your reality.

The key to open up the doors to abundance is to start believing in it!

I hope this post will help you open your mind to the unlimited wealth and abundance of this universe, so you can enjoy more of it and stop worrying about having enough, because abundance is here for you!

If you feel you could use some help shifting your subconscious beliefs and tapping into the unlimited abundance that’s there for you, you can schedule a complimentary call here, if you qualify.

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