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Today’s post is about gratitude for the wonderful ways the Universe operates in order to help you manifest what you want. Because if you truly understand it, you are so loved and supported and you will always be taken care of. You are connected to everything on the planet, and you will never be left to your own devices if you open up to receive. The Universe will shower you with gifts every day.

The last few days have given me one small miracle after the other. As you may know, if you have read my other blog posts, I love to teach others how to be able to create instant manifestations in their lives.

This is something I started doing with more conscious effort a few years ago, but now it’s becoming more and more something that just happens without any effort on my part, as the stories below will describe.

So often, people work so hard and struggle to get what they want, when there can be a much better way.

I was redecorating my bedroom the other day, moving my bed and all the furniture around. As I moved things around, I was thinking to myself, wouldn’t it be nice if I could have another one of these tables, referring to my two nightstands. I wanted one to sit next to my chaise lounge. Only thing is, I bought these tables at Crate & Barrell several years ago and they don’t carry them anymore. I didn’t think more of it. This was Friday afternoon.

For some strange reason I was on my phone later in the afternoon, and somehow clicked onto Facebook marketplace. I was wondering, hmm, why did I click here…? It wasn’t a conscious choice but I just did it. I figured as I was there I should put in a search for a side table to see what would show up. About three tables down was the exact table I was looking for!  Like brand new! What a chance! Obviously this table was meant for me and by Saturday morning (less than 24 hours after I had thought in my mind that another one of these tables would be nice) it was sitting next to my chaise lounge, fitting in perfectly and I love it.

I am normally pretty picky about where I buy stuff from and often don’t buy used because everything carries energy and I don’t want to bring any lower energies into my house. But this table was like brand new and I knew it was meant to be because of how it showed up.

The same Friday I had on my to-do list to find a person who could patch up a drywall hole in my house. I wasn’t sure where to start, knowing that most contractors around us are super busy with the booming house market, and they don’t take on small jobs. I ended up not doing anything about it, as I wasn’t really sure what would be the best way to approach it and the other handyman I had manifested a little while back for another project didn’t know how to do drywall. (More about him below.) I figured somehow I would just run into someone who could do it.

That evening I was invited to a friend’s house for dinner with my boys. I was waiting for my son to come over after his football practice and opened the door when the doorbell rang. Instead of finding my son outside, a stranger was outside asking if I had start cables.

Of course! I make sure to have start cables in my car all the time now, because in my previous car there were some issues with my battery and I had a few instances where I couldn’t start my car, and I had no cables…but there was always an angel somewhere who would help me out. I want to make sure I can be that helping angel to someone else.

Now, it was time to pay back and help this young man.  He told me he had left his radio on in the car while doing work in my friend’s neighbor’s house. I asked him what kind of work he does, and he said he was a general contractor. I proceeded to ask if he did drywall as I kind of smirked thinking to myself, of course he does! He said he was super busy with a large project he was working on and it would be weeks before he could normally do the job, but he said would come by an afternoon a few days later and take care of it! With a big smile on my face I headed back in and told my friend. We both had to laugh because she knows how I manifest this kind of stuff all the time.

She said, you know if something it’s meant for you, it will literally show up on your door!

(This can be your reality as well, once you remove the inner blocks that prevent you from manifesting what you want. To learn more about what might be holding you back, you might want to read the post: Why you fail to manifest what you want.)

Miracles are natural. If they don't happen something has gone wrong. Click To Tweet

A little while ago I was also looking for someone to fix something in my house. Also a small job that it’s often difficult to get people to want to do. My son had a new friend over, and as they were standing in my kitchen grabbing some food, I somehow asked my son’s friend what his parents do…And by the way, that’s not something I would usually ask someone and I even felt kind of strange asking! He told me his dad is kind of a handyman but he works for the city.  I asked if he took handyman jobs and he said yes.

Shortly after, the job was done! Again, the resource was literally right in front of me, in my own kitchen!  I didn’t have to do anything for this person to show up. I can tell you, being a single mom with a big house to keep up,  it’s really handy for these handy men to show up right when I need them 🙂

Another little miracle happened today.  I went into my mailbox and I received  a card from a lady who reads my blog and is on my mailing list. She thanked me for making a difference in her life by uplifting and inspiring her, and even though she has never been a client she sent me a $175 check as a thank you. She said she believed in tithing and this week the tithing went to me because I fed her spiritually and she was grateful for how I have impacted her life.

My heart is filled with gratitude as I’m writing this. I lived most of my life unaware of how the universe works, I worked so hard that I eventually I collapsed and spent several years trying to get back up on my feet.

Fortunately, I have found a much better way and nothing makes me more happy than to teach you how to be able to do this in your life too. It’s time to stop the madness, the struggle and hardship, because it can be so much easier, my love.

I can assure you,  If I can do it, then you can do it too. I’m no different.  Imagine having what you want literally show up on your door, time and time again! This is how life is supposed to work!

Be it clients, money, resources, health, people…. Whatever your heart desires can be yours. The key is to learn how it really works, and to truly understand the process so you can duplicate it time and time again in different areas of your life.

Want some help with this? Apply for a complimentary Success-Soul™ Living Strategy session with me here. 

Would love to hear about some of your magical manifestations. Please share below!


  1. Shavon on October 20, 2017 at 12:29 am

    YES! YES! YES!

    • Vibeke on October 23, 2017 at 11:25 pm


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  1. Shavon on October 20, 2017 at 12:29 am

    YES! YES! YES!

    • Vibeke on October 23, 2017 at 11:25 pm


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