58 affirmations for success and abundance

Use these abundance affirmations to reprogram your mind for success and abundance.

Several years ago, I healed myself from what doctors called “chronic” illness after I had exhausted all other efforts. I had been really sick for several years and made all kinds of lifestyle changes in my life, changed my diet, as well as seeing all kinds of doctors and experts to get well. But it wasn’t until I learned the power of my own mind that I was able to heal myself in just two weeks. Could it be that easy?

I remember standing in my kitchen when I had the conscious awareness that I had healed myself – it was a surreal moment that forever changed my life. What nobody else was able to help me do, I could do easily and quickly with my own mind!

I remember thinking, if I could do this, I could do anything! And I started applying the same principles I had used to heal myself in my business and quickly went on to make more in a few days than I had previously made in an entire year. No kidding!

The mind is an extremely valuable asset. If you’ve been studying manifesting and the Law of Attraction, you know that what you think about matters. In fact, your thoughts become things. They really do. What you focus on grows and if you think a thought repeatedly with emotion, you will start attracting that thing to you whether you want to or not.

Be careful what you think about! You cannot attract wealth with thoughts of lack just as much as you cannot create health by thinking and focusing on illness.

When I first discovered the power of my own mind, I used a lot of affirmations and there is no doubt that they work. I used to repeat certain phrases or words in my mind repeatedly on my daily walks and the things I was focusing on started showing up in my reality.

Repeating the same words of phrases over and over again will reprogram your subconscious mind. Whatever is programmed in your subconscious mind must become your reality as it is programmed to carry out anything it’s programmed to do. In fact, it can do nothing else!

Thoughts are energy and just like your thoughts matter in order to manifest what you want, so does your emotions. The key to using affirmations effectively is to feel what you are saying. In other words, If you say “I am worthy of abundance” while your body is creaming – “hell no, you’re not”, then that affirmation is going to do more harm than good.

I think this is why some people say affirmations don’t work – it’s because they are saying affirmations while their subconscious mind is creaming the opposite.

If this happens to you, try something like this to ease your way into an affirmation. Change the beginning of the affirmation to something like this: “I’m willing to choose to be worthy of abundance” or “I would like to believe that I am worthy of abundance,” and see how that feels. Once you’ve done that for a while, try to go back to “I am worthy of abundance” and see how it now feels.

Other than the feeling you’re having when you say the affirmation, there’s not too many rules for how to use them. Use them in the shower, in the car, on your walk, while standing in line, as you fall asleep – whenever really!

I remember a few years ago when I was saying a very powerful affirmation regularly. Whenever I was out with friends they would ask: “What’s up with you, you attract magic everywhere. What’s your secret?”

Are you ready to start attracting magic wherever you go as well? Then, here you go, use these abundance affirmations to reprogram your mind for success and abundance.

And if you would like to take this a step further and have the affirmations with you wherever you go on your phone, I invite you to click here to grab a free copy of my Rewire Your Brain Meditation – listen while running, walking, at the gym or when you’re going to sleep at night. It’s my gift to you!

Abundance affirmations to reprogram your mind for success and abundance

I am worthy of abundance

It is safe for me to be wealthy

Being wealthy allows me to live the life I want

I am a money magnet

I attract money easily every day

Money flows to me from many different sources

I am financially free

My bank account grows every day

I have more than enough money to do all the things I want to do

Abundance flows freely through me

My life is abundant

I am wealthy

Making money is easy

Money making opportunities always come my way

I am an excellent money manager

I always have the money I need when I need it

I am a master at attracting money into my life

My ideal clients are eager to work with me

I create income on demand

I get paid well for my work

Money is always there when I need it

Money simply falls into my lap

I attract abundance and prosperity with ease

It’s easy for me to make money every day

I create my financial success

It’s safe for me to receive money and abundance

I believe in myself

I am worthy of having anything I want

I am in control of my destiny

It’s easy for me to do the things I need to do

It’s safe for me to be powerful

I love myself unconditionally

It’s safe for me to let go of what no longer serves me

I am whole

I am worthy of the best life has to offer

The Universe supports me and wants to give me what I want

I deserve abundance

I am safe and supported

I give myself permission to have what I want

Good things come to me easily

I’m excellent at receiving and keeping money

The Universe provides whatever I desire

I am open to receive unlimited abundance

I am healthy, wealthy and happy

I value money and money values me

I allow myself to live my dreams

I trust that everything happens at the right time

I accept good things with gratitude

I am successful at everything I do

The right people and circumstances always come my way

I am unlimited and abundant

I am rich

I deserve to be happy

My bank account grows while I’m sleeping

I am always at the right place at the right time

Money always comes my way

I let go of everything that no longer serves me

If you’d like to get this all in a free relaxing meditation you can listen to on the go to reprogram your mind, I invite you to click here to get a free copy of my Rewire Your Brain meditation.

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Vibeke's Bio

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In my 20 years as a small business owner, one thing is crystal clear to me: What helps you thrive is not your not your intelligence, level of experience or skill-set, but the programming in your subconscious mind. You can be programmed for struggle and lack, or flow and abundance. In my work, I help you reprogram your mind for success and abundance so you can create a prosperous and fulfilling life living your life’s calling and doing the work you came here to do.