How to supercharge your manifesting powers through daily rituals

There used to be a time when I would jump out of bed, get showered and dressed, barely...

Top manifesting mistakes that keep you from getting what you want

When I tell people about how I make certain manifestations, sometimes they get blown away. My friends will...

Forgiveness: How to stop recreating your future from your past and set yourself free

Like every human, I’m sure you have experienced plenty of upsetting situations in your life. There may be...

Commitment phobia: How it keeps you from reaching your goals

As an entrepreneur, I bet you value freedom. You want to do what you want, when you want...

How to set healthy boundaries to reclaim your life and energy

There was a time in my life where I wasn’t very good at setting boundaries, and as a...

Why it’s not spiritual to be poor

One of my mentors used to say that beauty and opulence is the fullest expression of the Universe/God...

How to use your mind to attract money and abundance

Did you know that the big secret about how much money you attract and keep boils down to...

Divine Guidance: How the Universe is showing you the way

Today I was walking in the forest which I do almost every day during the summer. There was...

How to protect your precious dreams when they want to stop you from living your truth

Want to step into living your dream? I feel called to write this post because this week I...

How to navigate the narcissist – Mindset lessons to empower you in any difficult relationship

I’ve had a fair amount of narcissistic people around me since I was little. Sometimes our biggest challenges...

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