How to discern truth from false light

What is false light you may ask. In this article I will explain what false light is, why it’s important to be able to recognize a person or system of false light and how to navigate in the world, without being deceived and guided by false light.

When I refer to false light in this article, I’m referring to people, institutions, systems or solutions which are of dark nature, but which projects themselves as light.

We live in a world of polarity. We cannot have light without darkness. It’s how the world operates. Just like there are people working for the light and higher consciousness on the planet, there are also beings on this planet that are working for the dark.

These beings are not of the light and they get their power from darkness. They are not connected to source (God, Universe), but get their powers through siphoning the energy from other beings. In that sense, you could say that the dark operates like energy vampires. They feed off other human beings.

Because they don’t have a light source – from source, like most people do – they thrive on lower emotions and vibrations and they need humanity to be in fear and lower vibrations (emotions) in order for them to get their loosh, which is their energy source.

They get their energy from dark human emotions such as fear, pain, suffering, disempowerment, hopelessness and terror.

You could easily call these beings of the dark psychopaths because, in essence, they may be the most psychopatic beings on the planet. They have zero empathy or remorse, even though they can be good at faking it.

They are often highly intelligent and trained to be very charismatic.

Because of the lack of empathy and remorse, they have no problem inflicting horrible pain and suffering onto the people and the planet.

Their goal is power at all cost – to have power over people – and they go to great lengths to attain and keep this power, regardless of how it may negatively impact humanity.

Remember, they get their powers from the dark and they don’t care if they hurt, destroy, kill, abuse or traumatize humanity or the planet in the process. These beings are very, very dark.

They are beings who intentionally create pain and suffering for their own benefit.

Now that I’ve explained beings of the dark, let’s explain beings of light. Beings of light are all humans who are connected to source energy. You get your energy from source (God, Universe, whatever you wish to call the power that flows through you and make you alive.)

Beings of the light have a conscience. They have empathy and compassion and they care about the wellbeing of those around them. They feel remorse if they inflict pain onto others.

Most humans fall into this category.

Then there are light workers. These are beings of light whose purpose on earth is to spread light. Many are healers and spiritual teachers who are here specifically working for the light and to help heal humanity and the planet. They have gone through many lifetimes to sharpen their spiritual gifts and learn everything they need to know to do this job.

These are the people who put their purpose first and guided by the light they feel a deep sense of responsibility and mission with regards to spreading light, healing and truth onto the planet.

Then there is the false light. The false light are dark beings projecting themselves as light workers or as light beings. This false light can show up in all corners of society.

As a charity worker who uses his/her position in a charity or foundation as a cover up for dark and dishonest business, a politician who is only going after personal power and gain and doesn’t care about the people it’s here to serve, a spiritual teacher teaching distorted spiritual teachings to leave people confused, disempowered and in the dark.

What the dark fears most is that humanity will wake up to their true power and potential. Because an empowered and sovereign being cannot be controlled and manipulated.

The dark wants people to be in fear, because a fearful person is easier to control and manipulate and a person in fear provides them with their energy source of low human emotions.

The dark will often present itself through spiritual teachers who are teaching distorted teachings. This can show up in a way where they teach a certain spiritual teaching, but leave out the most important part, so that you don’t realize how powerful you are as a human being.

Below are some common ways the false light use distorted spiritual and religious teachings to control humanity:

Teaching people that their power (God) is outside of themselves and separate from them and that they need to worship something outside of themselves to access their true power and potential.

This will often lead to some sort of guru worshipping and looking to find power from the outside, when in truth the power comes from within.

For example, Osho is and was portrayed as a great spiritual teacher, but if you look at his actions (if you’ve seen his documentary: Wild Wild Country) you will see the kind of dark nature and behaviors he was into.

You will see the self-serving nature of this guru, and the actions he took to literally have people hand over their entire life to stay in his ashram and basically become his slaves. The documentary exposes the deceptive and dark nature of this spiritual teacher.

Within his ashram there were lots of cases of pedophelia and they gave people as young as 13 birth control. According to the documentary, and people I know who have been in his circle, women were expected to have sex with any man who wanted to have sex with her, that included children.

These are not actions or teachings of unconditional love and enlightenment, but rather a way to control and manipulate people for personal gain, lust and power under the guise of being a spiritual teacher.

He may have started out as a being of light, but often dark forces can literally hijack spiritual teachers. This may have been the case with Osho, I don’t know.

(By the way I don’t claim to be an expert on Osho at all but just sharing my intuitions and my understanding about him as an example. Feel free to share your thoughts on this below.)

I personally know several people who have been immersed in Osho’s ashrams and teachings, one who was forever changed in a very dark way. That’s not to say that he’s also had a positive impact through his teachings, I’m simply sharing that I believe he was not of the light.

John of God is another false light. You may have heard of his arrest earlier this year. Known as a powerful spiritual healer across the world, his business was a huge cover up of human trafficking and sex exploitation.

Other ways they use to control humanity is manipulating behaviors by teaching spiritual dogmas to direct behaviors. For example; Poverty is a virtue. You must give money to the church or you are not a good and holy person.

Teaching that people will go to hell or similar if they aren’t following a certain religious ritual or spiritual teachings/dogmas.

They also use teachings of lack and scarcity. If people believe in lack, they are easier to manipulate and they can use money as a tool for manipulation. The truth of the Universe is abundance.

In order to be believable they will mix truth with lies, and specifically distort spiritual teachings, taking out essences that would allow humans to reach their potential and tap into their higher power.

Remember, the higher truth about how the Universe works will always set you free when you truly understand it.

If something feels limiting or restricting, it may be a teaching of false light.

However, there are many well meaning (and of good intentions) people who also teach distorted spiritual teachings for lack of knowing any better, simply because most of the spiritual teachings people learn today have been distorted throughout history.

I guess until we reach the point at which we no longer incarnate on the planet earth, we all have potential to grow and learn.

The difference between the false light and the true light is in the intentions of doing harm versus providing light, healing and empowerment.

In a recent video I watched on youtube the lady was exposing fake light workers (false light). She pointed out several channelers who pretend to channel spiritual beings of light, who actually were channeling dark beings but saying they were of the light. Some seem to also not have been channeling at all but just making things up. A trained eye in this subject will likely pick this up, whereas someone who is newer on their spiritual path may be deceived.

It’s important to always practice discernment. The false light cannot operate any higher than in the 4th dimension, or from a place of ego. Even though they can fake being loving and charming and do so very well, they have a different feel to them. (The vibration is not of love.)

While you may not be able to distinguish the false light by looking at them or listening with your mind or your ego, you will be able to easier detect them through your heart and your third eye.

These dark beings are highly intelligent but lack heart and compassion. They can be brilliant speakers and intellectuals, and they can sound like geniuses. They appeal to the intellect, however, there will be a lack of speaking from the heart, even though they often fake it.

This is how you can feel the difference between the real light and the false light. It’s a discernment that needs to be practiced and felt in the heart by sharpening your intuitive senses.

The dark uses many tactics to control humanity. If you want to learn more about this so you can keep your discernment high and avoid being tricked, I invite you to read this blog post: How you have been mind controlled and how to break free from the matrix to learn more about how the dark operates and the strategies they use to control humanity.

These beings of darkness are scattered around the planet, many of which are in positions of great power and influence.

Over the last year I’ve become aware of a lot of false light in all corners of society. People I had admired early on in my spiritual journey who I found out is not of the light they portrayed themselves to be.

Having studied (through life experience) people of dark nature for a long time, I am getting better and better at spotting the false light.

Many beings of false light will be exposed in the years to come. Those who have not practiced discernment will likely be shaken by this news.

If you want to learn more about how the dark presents itself as light, check out this article where I share an experience from Bali: Intuition, Spiritual Discernment and how to Decipher the Higher Truth.

The people of the dark need to deceive, because if people knew their intentions and what they were doing, they wouldn’t get away with it.

One of the signature traits of the dark is deception.

However, a trained eye will pay attention to small things that will expose them, such as symbols they use and lower vibrations.

As we are going through the great awakening and entering the New Earth, the vibration of the planet is increasing, which means that a lot of darkness (low vibrations) are being transmuted into light.

During this process, old archaic systems and power structures are in the process of crumbling and darkness is and will be exposed in the process. Those who were not aware of the false light may be quite disturbed. Having read this article, you are more prepared.

There are huge power battles going on as we’re going through a spiritual war of dark versus light. Because the New Earth cannot carry low vibrational frequencies such as evil, these dark beings will not make it on the New Earth of light, love, abundance and freedom for all. (Yes, I believe the New Earth will be a sort of paradise on earth. We just need to go through some turbulence before we get to experience it. 🙂 )

In their desperate attempts to hold onto their existence, more and more false light is trying to deceive and control humanity.

It’s important to be aware that not everything is as it seems.

I caution you to always question everything.

Know that you have all the powers within yourself and your heart knows the truth if you can tune in and listen. The problem is humanity has been so programmed to listen with their fears rather than their spiritual eyes.

I invite you to open your thrid eye, attune your intuition, trust your heart and ask your higher self to show you the truth.

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