How to move from separation consciousness to oneness and Divine perfection

The Earth has been filled with separation consciousness for a very long time. This is about to change and we are going through a transformation on the planet where we are moving from separation to oneness.

While humanity has been pinned against each other – living in the ego (that likes to judge), people have been more concerned about being right than being loving and understanding; more concerned with power over others than kindness and compassion and more concerned with greed than treating other humans and the planet from a place of love and respect.

Religions have been pinned against each other. Politics splitting humanity. Genders and people of different colors pinned against each other. Trauma from wars and generations of abuse have left people with karmic patterns that have played themselves out like a broken record.

But the Earth is changing.

No doubt Covid has been a tough time for many and brought healing we may have never seen before on this planet. We are at the time of awakening and more and more people are waking up to learning who they really are.

Maybe Covid came around to help us all move out of separation consciousness and into oneness?

However, many are still struggling with separation consciousness and living from a place of the ego with the judgments and pains that come along with that.

For those of you new to this blog and the concept of oneness, I want to explain a few things that are necessary to understand in order to get the concept of oneness.

Depending on where you are on your journey, this may either be things you know or there may be things you never heard before. Or you may have heard it but it didn’t really sink in or you are not living it fully.

Knowledge is not the same as living it, or knowing of course. Unless you embody and experience oneness you don’t live in oneness.

Be aware some things in this blog post may trigger you. If you are getting triggered, I invite you to ask yourself: What about this is making me angry or upset and what is this anger/upset here to teach me?

I want to start with the idea that everything is Divine perfection. And by everything, I mean everything. We are souls living in our body suits having a human experience in order to grow, heal and evolve on this earth school.

Before coming into this body, we chose who we wanted our parents to be, we chose what we wanted to learn and experience and which souls were going to be there for us to help us learn the things we came to learn.

In essence, we wrote the script for our “movie” that we would play out on earth. We created soul contracts with other souls about what kinds of lessons we wanted to experience and what role they would have to play, as well as what would be our overall purpose was for this incarnation.

Although, once we incarnate into our human bodies, our memory is wiped from our consciousness and we don’t remember any of this. We have complete amnesia.

Our memory is wiped because the point of being here is for our souls to experience separation so that at some point we can learn about oneness and find our way back to oneness or God/Source/Christ consciousness.

Oneness never left us; we just thought it did and we learned to operate from our ego or the part of us that is separate from God and all there is.

It’s important to understand that there are no accidents or no coincidences in this world. Everything happens by Divine spiritual laws. In reality, there are no victims and no perpetrators, only volunteers.

This may be hard to grasp for some and I completely understand. It’s human to think of things in terms of you and me, good and bad, victims and perpetrator kinds of terms. This is what the ego does and we live in a world where the majority of people still live in separation consciousness – or ego consciousness and the ego has been programmed to believe certain concepts as true and will usually resist change.

Everything is set up to make us believe that we are separate from each other and from God – even though in reality we are all connected.

Even certain religions talk about God being someone outside of you. But in reality, God is inside of you and living from your heart connects you to the God part of you, for the heart is connected to the infinite, God part of your being.

Although at the core, most religions say the same thing more or less with different words and provide different pieces of the whole truth, they have been a way to separate people based on their beliefs.

It’s interesting, coming from Norway, we studied all the religions in middle school. I know this is not the same way in the US.

I went to a Buddhist monastery during my religious class and wrote an essay about Buddism as a teenager. That was the religion I chose to learn more about at the time.

Others from my class would study and write essays about other religions, and go to their place of worship and learn then and we would then present to the class.

I think this was a really great experience and looking back, I’m so glad I had this opportunity to learn such a wide perspective early on in life.

Traveling around the world when I was 20 I also got to experience the different cultures and religions on our trip.

I remember waking up in New Dehli, India to the muslim call for prayer and it felt so Divine and triggered deep emotions of joy inside of me. (I’m sure I’ve lived many lifetimes as a muslim.)

This was before I would even have called myself spiritual. I thought if you didn’t believe in a certain religion, you were an ateist. But I knew I believed in something, just not the God that my teacher preached in elementary school and I didn’t know there was such a thing as being “spiritual” without being religious.

I went to Sunday school once as a small child and decided that was enough. I didn’t resonate and didn’t want to go back. I remember it clearly. I think I was only three or four years old.

I had parents who didn’t push any religion on me, although growing up in Norway, you are part of the state church and you are taught protestant religious views in school.

My mom grew up Catholic but didn’t really practice it. My dad would be described more as a nature lover and yogi at heart and he was different from most people I knew and way ahead of his time and level of consciousness.

What I have learned is that from the highest perspective, we can realize that most religions say the same thing if you look beyond the dogmas and have a clear understanding of the teachings.

Christ and Krishna really are the same and whether you chant Hare Krishna or go to Church and worship Jesus (Christ), you are really calling on the same energy – the Christ consciousness which liberates you and connects you to oneness. This is the same energy you connect to when you awaken your Kundalini energy.

The problem with understanding spiritual texts are that they are often written in symbols or parables and many things are misunderstood by the masses. Not only that, but spiritual texts have also been edited throughout history and parts have been removed.

During Jesus’ missing years in the Bible, he went to Asia and studied both Buddhism and Hinduism. He also practiced a certain form of yoga and meditated in caves. There are several books written about the sage (Jesus) that was recorded in many different monasteries. The Christ of India: The Story of Original Christianity as well as The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ go into more detail about this.

It’s ignorance that keeps people separated.

Humanity has been so engrained with separation consciousness ever since they were little, most people don’t even question it. Clearly, they are separate from everyone else, they think.

In reality, all these ways to separate us was created to hold up an old paradigm of separation. This was a paradigm where people were led to believe that the power (God) is outside of yourself and that the world is a difficult place where you have to fight your way to survive.

And I’m not saying life is without challenges, but the truth is so different from what we have been told.

We do live in a polarity world, and the Law of Polarity is real. The Law of Polarity states that everything is created whole and that everything has an opposite. We cannot have light without darkness. We cannot have an inside without an outside, no left without a right. You take away the right, the left goes away too. We need the masculine and feminine energy in order for anything to be created. In other words, polarities are in everything.

You may feel triggered by these polarities. You may be angry that people create wars. You may be disgusted by the horrific things that happen in this world, and I don’t blame you. We are taught to think in terms of good and bad, right and wrong and so on.

But once you raise your consciousness and heal the shadow part of you (the polarity you have disowned), you will notice you will be able to sort of “merge” the polarities and get to a neutral place of consciousness. The polarities still exist in the world, but they don’t bother you and you can sort of bypass them with your higher level of consciousness. (No, this is not spiritual bypass, but rather spiritual transformation.) You can also get into other realities where the polarities are less noticeable or non existent in your world. Remember, you do create your reality from your consciousness and there are infinite parallel realities!

To learn more about parallel realities, check out this blog.

Think of the polarities as a pendulum. The pendulum moves from left to right, back and forth and in the center, there is a neutral point. If we were to translate this into emotions, we could call the right depression and the left euphoria. Both of these are extreme emotions that, if kept for a long time will create distortions in our bodies and nervous systems. If you’re in a place of extreme excitement all the time, even if you are ecstatic, it drains the nervous system of energy and is not good for your health.

The key is to get to the neutral place in the center of the pendulum. This is a state of inner bliss and also a merging of the two polarities. You are not overly depressed, yet you are not in such a euphoria either where you’re out of touch with reality. It’s a matter of balancing the polarities within yourself.

It’s a matter of balancing the yin and yang within ourselves.

We are created whole and completely connected to God. Back in ancient times, in the continent of Lemuria, people understood their oneness with God and lived from the heart as Divine beings fully conscious of their powers and connectedness to all.

But at some point humanity started to separate from God – or at least think they were separate from God, for in reality God/Source is in everything and everyone because everything has consciousness. Everything is alive!

We used to be conscious about being one with God, but then the mind separated into three separate parts: The higher self or God self, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. In other words, our minds started thinking we were separate for we were no longer conscious about being connected to God.

We stuffed our guilt from separating ourselves from God in the subconscious mind; the part of us we are not consciously aware of.

The things that triggers us in life are a part of our shadow, hidden deep in the subconscious mind. There are memories from thousands of lifetimes stored in the subconscious mind. The subconscious remembers everything.

The subconscious mind creates our life on auto pilot. If you have read my blog for a while, you know I talk a lot about the subconscious, for it has a huge effect on what we manifest into our reality.

Our job is to make the subconscious conscious.

To shed light on the dark parts of ourselves that we have stuffed away and disowned as part of our shadow. When you shed light on the dark, like with a flashlight in the dark, the dark goes away.

In order to move into living in oneness, we need to stop living from subconscious programming (ego mind) and move into being conscious creators. That requires us to let go of unconscious patterns and programming and start connecting to our higher self or God mind if you will.

When you live from the God part of you, you are conscious of being one with God and of your Divine nature as a human being. You realize that the “other” is really just another part of you and you realize that your power lies within your heart and mind.

As I am writing this, I’m asking you to look at what I’m saying from the highest level of perspective, for that is really what I’m trying to convey here.

It’s easy to get stuck in blame, victim mode and separation consciousness, but anyone blaming anyone for anything are giving away their power to that or those they blame. Whatever you give energy to expands.

In reality you create everything you experience in your life, even the experiences your personality or ego self say you don’t want. If I create everything, why would I create my own suffering? Well, that’s a good question and the answer I think would be because your soul chose to have many different experiences and to learn, heal and grow from them.

Life doesn’t have to be one of suffering, it only becomes suffering when you get stuck in victim mode, don’t take responsibility for what you create and get stuck in subconscious patterns. A big part of suffering is suppression of emotions. These suppressed emotions keep creating the same experiences over and over again like a broken record. This is because, even if you are not conscious of these energies being within you, they still are part of creating your reality.

If you don’t learn the lesson in the situation, you may continue to create things you don’t want until you learn your lesson the situation is here to teach you, at which point the problem or issue will go away.

It requires you to become conscious of why you are creating certain experiences you don’t want over and over again so you can heal it at the root. Sorry, but band aids don’t work for this! You’ll only create a larger and larger problem over time if you try to shove the problems under the rug.

If you stray too much from your “life movie script”, your soul will create circumstances that will help you to “wake up”. It will knock you on the head. If you don’t listen, it will knock louder and louder until you finally get the message.

It could be illness, an injury, “accident”, heartbreak or loss that opens your heart and wakes you up. Or your life will just be so painful that you need to reevaluate and get back on your true path.

You create your own reality from your consciousness and based on the movie script you wrote before you incarnated as well as the choices you are making on the earth plane.

I want to clarify something here. If I’m the creator of my reality and I don’t want something to happen and I create it anyways…why would I do this? Does this mean the law of attraction doesn’t work? Does it mean that I’m failing at using my manifesting powers correctly?

So the answer is this: While we all can take our conscious manifestation to another level, we need to understand that our soul has a different agenda for us that our human mind does not understand or comprehend.

As much as you want to be in control of your life, it’s really the higher part of you, your higher self and your soul who is in the real driver’s seat. (God if you will or the Divine part of you.) You are here on the planet to grow, heal, learn and expand your consciousness. And sometimes what you experience is not what you want, but what your soul has determined will give you the most healing and growth.

What shows up in your life may be what your Divine being considers will give you the most amount of soul growth.

This of course can be vastly different from what your human personality wants to experience.

When something tragic happens, it doesn’t mean you did anything wrong. Please don’t blame or shame yourself. Maybe life has something else in store for you that you didn’t realize? Maybe this thing you are experiencing will actually become a huge turning point for you, even if it feels overwhelming or you experience immense trauma and pain.

From personal experiences, it’s in the darkest, most traumatic moments that we have the most potential to transform, heal and evolve as long as we don’t fall into the pit of victimhood for too long. It’s important to feel your emotions, but not get so attached to the low emotions so long that you don’t “get out” again.

Rather than saying: Why is this happening to me, how about asking: What is this here to help me heal? This will help you turn even the most difficult situation into one of healing and growth.

Know that you will never be given more than you can handle.

While being in a state of victim mode or judging puts you right into separation consciousness, if you can surrender and accept the “gift” in the challenge, you can create something constructive from what you experienced even when the ego wants to judge.

In reality all judging is really projecting your own shadow onto others – or yourself.

For example, a person who has suppressed a lot of anger will project that anger outwards at other people saying they are angry. So pay attention to what you are judging. If you pay close attention, you may find clues about what you need to heal within yourself.

Whatever you judge, you create more of. The key to moving from separation consciousness to oneness is forgiveness. Whatever you forgive transforms. It’s the greatest form of healing.

Blaming anything is blaming God because God/Source is in everything. You are not separate from anyone or anything, this is just an illusion of the mind and the ego personality.

Your higher self is connected to God/Source and all there is.

When you blame someone else you are actually blaming yourself and the shadow part of you that you have disowned.

Moving into oneness is not an easy process, hence why most people still live in separation consciousness. Moving into oneness is not just realizing that you create your own reality, but it is a matter of taking 100% responsibility for everything you create in your life and treating everything with respect and reverence knowing you are connected to all there is.

It will require you to do a lot of healing. You need to clear limiting beliefs about yourself that are based on subconscious programming and fear versus higher truth.

When you are on this journey, your soul will throw at you anything it knows you need to heal and create circumstances designed to help you heal it. If you judge, you are making it more difficult for yourself and you may even block the opportunity for healing.

If you get stuck in victim mode too long because you feel life isn’t fair, you may lose the lesson the situation is here to teach you.

This of course doesn’t mean you shouldn’t express your emotions or have compassion for others going through difficult times. We need to express our emotions to heal and evolve. Emotions are part of being human and you can learn a lot from embracing your emotions fully. Whatever you suppress will continue to live inside of you until you heal it. (If you want to learn more about suppression of emotions, you can read this blog.)

Releasing of emotions is necessary for soul growth. It’s in the expression of emotions that clarity arises. So, if you are sad about the world, make sure you let your tears flow!

The truth is you are infinitely powerful and that you are connected to all that is. There are no limits for what you can do when you know you are one with God; that you are a Divine being of light.

Even Jesus said:

“With faith you can move mountains.”

I personally know this to be true, as crazy as that may sound to some of you.

The reality on Earth is not what it appears to be. It’s not fixed but can be changed as you change your awareness. Everything is a projection of your consciousness, like a movie being projected on a screen and you are the projector.

Living in oneness requires you to have faith and complete surrender to the Divine. To trust in the Divine perfection of life even when things are happening that you can’t understand.

I want to expand on the idea that there are no victims, for this may be hard for some to grasp. If there are no victims, does that mean that we can do just whatever we want without having compassion and empathy for other people? Well, the truth is you have free will do do whatever you want but is that the person you want to be? Probably not if you are reading this blog.

The beauty is everything is balanced by the law of karma. Whatever you put out will always come back to you. If you chose to hurt others, that hurt will come back to you one way or another. Nothing escapes the law of karma and karma doesn’t only govern your actions, it also governs your thoughts and intentions.

Living in oneness is really about becoming conscious of your Divine nature and connectedness to all.

Part of moving into oneness is clearing the old karma. This can be done with love and forgiveness, but it will likely also stir up situations that are designed for you to learn and heal.

The easiest way is to surrender to the process and stop fighting life.

In order to move into oneness, it’s important to embody traits such as love, peace, compassion, kindness and empathy. These are all part of the curriculum for ascension.

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind!

I believe that if you were a person who would use your power for what we would call “evil” the higher part of you wouldn’t allow you to realize how powerful you really are, for you could use this power in the wrong way.

This is what happened with Atlantis. People started to abuse their powers and the continent sank into the ocean.

It’s the ego that draws people back into separation consciousness. Your higher self knows the truth that you are made of love and that you are not separate.

You will be tested along the way to see if you have learned the lessons you need to learn and you won’t move into the new level of consciousness until you are ready to do so.

There are times when you have contracts with people to help them learn something and what you do may appear to not be kind but in reality you are doing it because the person asked you to do it and you are assisting them with the evolution of their soul and fulfilling your promise that you made prior to incarnating.

Nothing is as it appears.

Let’s say something tragic happens. Maybe someone gets raped or a mother looses her baby. These are certainly events that for most will bring up immense trauma, sadness, grief and pain. No doubt, we are humans and we have emotions.

These events can bring up the most raw emotions of anger, fear, terror, shock, grief, trauma…even hate. There is nothing wrong with having emotions; it’s part of being human. In fact, suppressing emotions is much more damaging than expressing them. It’s in expressing our emotions and letting them fully release in healthy ways, that we heal.

Living in oneness doesn’t mean that we suppress our emotions and bypass the pain. Rather, it means you feel and transform the pain, and in doing so, you assist others to transform their pain too.

Treat others the way you want to be treated. The other is actually a part of you and if you do harm to others in reality you are doing harm to yourself.

We all have free will and we create our own reality. Everything that happens is according to Divine perfection – even if the conscious part of us cannot understand why something happened.

Nothing is wrong with anything. To say something is wrong is saying God is wrong for God is in everything.

It’s the consciousness of humanity living out their unconscious patterns based on trauma and projection that creates circumstances we would call bad or evil.

As you “gobble up” the pain of the world and transform it within yourself, you help merging the polarities on the planet. I believe this is what they refer to when they say that Jesus took on the suffering of the world to “become our savior”. But in reality, anyone who is living in this level of consciousness is doing this kind of work for the planet – and of course for themselves. Jesus is not going to jump down from heaven as a man to come save us. We need to, like Jesus did, connect to the Christ consciousness and be like him. Even Jesus said: Anyone can do as I do and even more.

The problem is that the scriptures have been misinterpreted and humans have been led to believe in forces outside of themselves rather than understanding their own innate power.

There is purpose in everything. Even the things we would qualify as horrific, wrong, bad….again this is our judgment. The people involved chose to experience what is happening on a soul level – yet the personality doesn’t understand that in the midst of trauma. Who are we to judge what is good or bad when we don’t understand the reason for the things that are happening? What if there is a gift in what’s happening and what appears to be bad is actually for the highest good?

Maybe the person who got raped or the mother who lost her baby had chosen to experience this prior to incarnating. In fact, like I said, there are no coincidences and our soul will make sure nothing that isn’t supposed to happen will happen and that the things that are supposed to happen will happen.

While we have free will, there is a certain destiny at play as well – the script you created coming into this world!

Remember, you are a soul and your soul is connected to the infinite with infinite knowledge and intelligence. You have simply forgotten who you are.

A person who hurts another in such a way as rape or other acts of violence will always have a soul contract with the person he/she is hurting. It may seem like a complete stranger to the person, but nonetheless, these souls made a contract before incarnating.

I recently read a story of a person who tried to end his life many times. He was desperate and made sure that his attempts would not fail. Time and time again the odds were against him. He took pills to overdose, he drove his car into a light pole cutting the car in half and strangely walked out as if nothing ever happened. I both laughed and cried reading his story, it was so touching.

Eventually, after many attempts he realized it must not be his time to go, for what he had survived would qualify as absolute miracles and people couldn’t even understand why he was still alive after what he had put himself through.

He started asking God why he was still here and it led him to a spiritual awakening that later made him create a very purposeful business helping many people.

Everything that happens is perfect even when our emotions and our conscious mind would completely disagree. But the conscious part of us doesn’t have the whole picture. We understand and see only a blip of reality – we are not seeing the higher perspective about what is really happening or why it is happening, so we call it bad. We judge.

This man who tried to take his life is now helping many people on this planet via his work and helping them in a way only he could do. It wasn’t his time to go, so no matter how hard he tried, his attempts failed.

In this sense, everything is in Divine order, even when the human personality/ego part of us want to blame and create judgment and separation.

People are just playing out a role in the movie they scripted before incarnating and everything is in Divine order and perfection.

We even plan how and when we die. There are NO coincidences. So why fight God/Source? Why not just surrender to what is and see the Divine perfection in everything as it is unfolding, even if we don’t understand exactly what is happening.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t grieve. Grieving is part of healing. We need to feel our emotions fully or they become blocks inside our bodies.

We need to rip off the band aid and deal with the emotions that lie underneath.

Everyone is getting exactly what they need when they need it. It may not be what the human personality wants or think it needs, but it is nonetheless what the soul chose to experience coming into this incarnation.

Again, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. But pain is part of life here on Earth.

There is no good or bad, everything just is. It’s our projection and judgment that makes it “good or bad”.

We have just learned to judge everything and see things as black and white, when in reality there are many shades of grey. Things are a reflection of our projection as well as in accordance with Divine spiritual laws.

That of course doesn’t mean that the mom who lost her baby isn’t hurting. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t console her or that we shouldn’t care and have compassion for her. Her pain and suffering is still very real and it’s important not to suppress any emotions, but feel them deeply.

When we feel, we heal.

(You can read more about that in this blog.)

When you can see things from this higher perspective, life becomes a whole lot easier. You stop resisting life and start accepting things for what they are. When you stop resisting, life starts to flow.

Whatever you resist, persists.

Many years ago, at the very beginning of my coaching journey, my mom passed away. She actually passed the day before my coach training started. It caused me immense pain – panic almost. I was already in a very fragile state trying to change my own life after a lot of painful experiences. I didn’t want to let her go.

I remember the wise and elderly woman who taught me to become a coach suggested a book to me that really helped change my perspective of life. Up until then I had lived very much in my ego and I was just at the beginning of my spiritual journey and awakening.

My ego wanted to be in control, yet I couldn’t control this situation with my mom and it was painful. I wasn’t ready to let her go.

The book helped me change my perspective. I think it actually really helped me awaken to the spiritual realm as I had some strange encounters while reading the book and my mom showed up several times while reading it in strange ways.

While I can’t remember all the details of the book as it’s been so long since I read it, I remember that it felt like a healing balm on my psyche.

The book is called: The 5 Things you Cannot Change, by David Richo. If you are having a hard time with accepting what is or you are healing from loss, trauma, or are resisting the flow of life, you may want to look up this book.

In short the book discusses 5 things we cannot change, which are:

1) Everything changes – nothing lasts forever
2) Things do not always go according to plan
3) Life is not always fair
4) Pain is part of life
5) People are not loving and loyal all the time

This book felt like it was infused with wisdom and healing energy and it like the words were alive and rewired something deep inside of me.

When we are attached to a certain outcome in life, life can become very painful when things do not happen according to our expectations or plans.

The ego thinks it knows whats best for us, yet the ego is very limited and doesn’t understand the bigger picture of what really is happening.

If it was up to the ego, life would be uncomplicated and straight forward without any big hiccups along the way. This is because the ego doesn’t like change. But this is not how life on earth usually unfolds. And usually humans only change when things get painful. In essence, the polarities help us to grow.

The deepest pain often bring the seed of the greatest transformation and healing.

There are unforeseen circumstances; there are events you planned before you incarnated that were designed for your own highest good even though these events seen with human eyes look like trauma, pain and disaster that you would never recover from or chose to experience.

But you can recover and you will. You are more powerful than you can imagine and stronger than you think.

One of the best ways to open our hearts and heal is through pain. Sometimes we need to be literally cracked open and pain has a way of doing this for us.

I read a story recently about how the sudden death of Princess Diana helped open the heart chakra of the entire United Kingdom.

People who would never show their emotions were crying on television and her death caused a ripple effect throughout the nation and the entire world.

We could look at her death as a tragedy or we can look at what she did for the entire world by leaving us this way. She connected us. She helped us open our hearts and she helped people who never showed their emotions process their pain.

There is purpose in everything and this was the way Diana had chosen to leave us. She was a healer at heart and she helped heal the world by leaving us the way she did.

But the ego likes to judge. The ego wants to blame. The ego likes to think that we are separate from each other.

Rather than staying in separation consciousness and blame the “other” you can realize that everything is just the way it is supposed to and everyone is getting the experience their soul (not personality or ego) asked for.

The soul is who you really are. The body or personality is just a temporary body suit.

Besides, there is no “other” for in reality we are all connected energetically and all part of God/Source. We have just forgotten this because we live in the illusion of the experiment going on here on Earth.

When something triggers you, it’s because there is something inside of you that you have disowned and that needs reintegrating and healing. Once you heal it, it won’t trigger you anymore.

So in essence moving into oneness requires you to think differently about who and what you are, about the fact that everything happens for a reason and there are no coincidences or accidents. There are no victims, no perpetrators, only volunteers who came in here to experience the dance of life together to help each other grow and evolve.

The other one is a part of you.

It requires you to heal your pain, to reprogram your mind to align with higher truth and spiritual laws and to learn to embody the energies of empathy, compassion, love, kindness and service to humanity.

It requires you to have faith and to see the Divine beauty and perfection of life, even when things look messy and you don’t understand, for you know that at the highest level, everything is intentional.

The key is surrender.

It’s certainly not an easy job to evolve to a place of oneness and it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows because it requires you to heal anything you have disowned, suppressed and stuffed into your subconscious mind.

But living from a place of oneness is Divine bliss. Even if you haven’t realized it, when you tune into your heart, you are connected to all there is. You are experiencing oneness. This is where your power lies. The key is to live there most of the time. It’s a process.

It requires you to live from a place of the higher chakras from the heart up. This means to let go of the ego mind and heal all the traumas stored in your lower chakras which have accumulated over thousands of lifetimes.

An easy feat? No, but you wouldn’t be reading this if you are not on this path.

Nothing is as it seems.

Everything is in Divine order and you are one with it all. You have simply forgotten who you really are; an infinitely powerful Divine soul in a “costume” called a body.

As you are healing yourself, you help heal the world, for you are not separate from the world. Forgiveness is your best friend.

Want to create and grow a conscious business serving humanity with your gifts while living from a place of higher truth and oneness? Tired of the old way of doing business and looking for something to light up your soul? I invite you to join my free 5D Mini Series here. When you live from this place, you will realize that anything is possible and you will learn how to bypass the limitations of the 3D world to create a world (and business!) where miracles becomes a part of daily life.

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  • Powerful meditation to help you manifest your dreams
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Success-soul® Living Starter Kit Step into your ideal lifestyle business & live your wildest dreams.

Get the clarity you need and the tools to get started.

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Vibeke's Bio

Vibeke's Bio

I’m Vibeke Schurch, the founder of Success-soul Living® and The 5D Business Model®.

I work with coaches, healers and change-makers to help them grow their business and live life on purpose so they can use their unique gifts to make a difference in the world while creating a lifestyle aligned with their soul blueprint.

Ever since my spiritual awakening many years ago when I healed myself from “chronic” illness in just two weeks, it’s my mission to help you wake up to your inner power and potential. I want to show you how to use your mind to manifest your wildest dreams and create your own heaven on earth while living life on purpose, and serving the people you are here to serve.

In my 20 years as a small business owner, one thing is crystal clear to me: What helps you thrive is not your not your intelligence, level of experience or skill-set, but the programming in your subconscious mind. You can be programmed for struggle and lack, or flow and abundance. In my work, I help you reprogram your mind for success and abundance so you can create a prosperous and fulfilling life living your life’s calling and doing the work you came here to do.