Virtual & Destination VIP Intensives

Imagine meeting at a beautiful boutique hotel by the ocean while mapping out your business, watching the waves wash onto shore.

Taking a break to walk along the beach; jumping into the ocean for a quick swim before sitting down to refine your business strategies.

End the day of transformation by watching the sunset from the sun-loungers, sipping on a tropical drink while finishing up your guacamole and making some final touches to your marketing message before a delicious dinner with candle-lights and local delicacies.

While staying here, it seems like time is standing still, yet so much is accomplished. Maybe you’ll even meet one of your new clients while here, or some key people who will fill in additional puzzle pieces for you that didn’t even know yet that you needed.

Don’t be surprised if your intuition is heightened, your inspiration is high and magic and miracles start to appear before your very eyes.

VIP Intensive

Doing a VIP intensive is one of the most transformative ways to work with me and a way to leap months ahead in your business in a short amount of time.

These intensives can be done virtually or at a destination of our choosing. While I can do all the same things during a virtual VIP day as I can when we are in person, nothing trumps the pure power and potential that arises when we meet in person.

If you are looking for deep personal transformation and want to move forward fast in your business, this may be a good option for you.

All this and more is commonplace when I do these types of destination VIP retreats, but exactly what will happen for you is impossible to predict. It seems a higher power takes over when I do this kind of work with clients, and what often happens is beyond what I could have dreamed up or imagined myself, yet in it’s own way, it couldn’t be more perfect.

You’re likely to get out of it what you need most.

The type of work we do is depending on what you need most, but can include anything from creating your business from scratch, to making a plan to double or triple your business, healing deep seated patterns and subconscious programming and other deep transformational spiritual work.

You will leave feeling clear, inspired and knowing the exact steps to take to move yourself and your business towards your next level. In fact, don’t be surprised if you leave feeling like a different person, like you have transformed from the experience.

If, after the VIP intensive,  you’re the kind of person who wants to take a plan and run with it, go for it. However, if you feel you need for longer and more ongoing coaching support after your VIP retreat, that is also an option.

To learn more about doing a VIP intensive with me either in person or at a destination of our choosing: