Unexpressed emotions: How they keep you stuck

A lot of the problems we encounter could have been avoided and a lot of struggle could have been overcome if we would be willing to face pain straight head on. But, we’ve been programmed to avoid pain, to seek easy pleasures and to cover up for any feeling that doesn’t feel good.

Pop a pill if you feel pain, take a drink if you’re stressed, or swallow your pain saying everything is okay when it’s not. Another cup of coffee if you’re tired, a bite of chocolate if you’re feeling sad, or a few extra trips to the freezer late at night to grab some ice cream…You may bury yourself in work, unhealthy addictions and distractions… All in the quest not numb your feelings.

I’m all about being positive, but there’s a huge difference between truly feeling positive and swallowing your sadness, anger or fear and pretending that everything is okay. You may not even realize you do this, because it may just be part of who you are and how you’ve always lived your life.

Maybe expressing your emotions was not something that was encouraged when you grew up. Many men were told it’s not okay to cry, and it’s not very feminine to be angry. These may be some of the messages you have picked up. So on a subconscious level you started to suppress emotions.

If you keep running away from how you feel, your life becomes lifeless. If you are numbing your negative feelings, you’ll ultimately block the good feelings from coming in as well. It’s like living a life of grey instead of colors. You don’t feel the depth of life.

Over time, it could make you depressed or sick. And instead of dealing with your emotions as they hit you, they ball up inside of you like a pool of dirty water. And then, when you least expect it, you’ll get triggered by the smallest thing and you spill that dirty water all over people who has nothing to do with it.

It shows up as road-rage, yelling at your children or feeling hurt and sad at the smallest thing. Having irrational fear and anxiety or being overly emotional because the pool of emotions is spilling over inside of you and it has nowhere else to go but out. But it often comes out in dysfunctional ways because you cannot contain yourself.

So you become emotional. You eat, drink, distract yourself to forget about how you feel. Anything so you don’t have to FEEL it. So you can run away from it. But, it’s these underlying energies that keep you from creating the life you want. You may want to read this post I wrote about why you fail to manifest what you want to learn more about the underlying causes that hold you back in life. Unexpressed emotions is just a part of the picture.

Believe me, I have felt this myself. I used to be told to “suck it up”. And I sucked it up. To the extreme. “Be strong, you can handle it,” was what I was told and what my internal voice started saying when things got tough and I wanted to cry.

But sucking it up is not healthy. You become numb. Depressed. Sick. Lifeless.

Having studied the law of attraction and other spiritual laws for quite some time, there is a lot of talk about just “focus” on the positive. Shift your thinking. Yes, I agree and I’ve been a huge advocate for this as well. It’s in your best interest to focus on the positive, but not at the cost of feeling your feelings.

There is a time and a place for a healthy release and after releasing them it’s so much easier to feel positive, because you have let the emotions flow through you and out. They are no longer in your energy field or balled up inside of you.

If you have done everything you can think of to change your life and you’ve been trying to manifest a different reality without success, chances are you have a lot of unprocessed emotions in your energy field that is working against you. You may be interested in learning how to remove this, so you can start to manifest the things you want with more ease.

Maybe you’re able to manifest wonderful things in one or more areas of your life, but you can’t seem to master other areas. You likely have beliefs and emotions that are stuck in your energy field preventing you from getting what you want.

I’ve talked to some people who are afraid of feeling their negative feelings because they think that if they are feeling the negative feelings, they will manifest negative things. And, yes, that may be the case. But think about this for a moment. You can have those feelings stuck in your energy field for the rest of your life, affecting your vibration and ability to manifest what you want, or you can release them once and for all and be done with them for good.

If you have a lot of suppressed and unprocessed emotions in your energy field, then no matter how positive you try to feel, those unprocessed emotions are still going to manifest your reality. If there is underlying sadness, anger or resentments in your subconscious mind, those will override your positive conscious thinking and you will be in a cycle of manifesting things you don’t want – because your emotions manifest your reality.

You cannot manifest positive things from negative emotions, and if you’re full of unprocessed negative emotions, you will be manifesting according to those instead of your positive conscious thoughts. Your subconscious mind is 33,000 times more powerful than your conscious mind. You are not going to win trying to fight it if you try.

I’m a true believer in that you can clear most dysfunctional emotional patterns, depressions, anxiety and addictions if you’re willing to face your pain and release your unprocessed emotions that are stuck in your energy field.

No matter how long you’ve been suppressing your emotions or how much it is affecting you, it’s never too late to deal with these emotions and get rid of them once and for all. And when you do, things that used to trigger you, make you upset, stressed out, sad or depressed will no longer trigger you the same way.

It’s as if you poured out all the dirty water, so it’s not making you feel so yucky inside. It’s literally like taking a sponge and flushing it out until there’s only clean water coming out of it. Your energy field becomes clear. You will be able to focus, to stop running away and to manifest what you really want.

It’s a process but it’s so worth the work. Until you let these emotions and energies out, they will be stuck in your energy field and stop you from creating the life you want; the health, the wealth, the loving relationships.

Once you release what no longer serves you, you will often clear depressions, addictions, dysfunctional anger, fear and anxiety. You will no longer have to run away from yourself or your feelings because there will be nothing to run away from.

You will be able to face anything that hits you in life from a more neutral place and handle it without old baggage getting in the way. And when you are consciously trying to manifest something, you will not experience the counter energy that used to sabotage your results.

If you are ready to start clearing out what’s been holding you back. If you are ready to deal with it once and for all, I invite you to apply for a complimentary call with me to see if one of my healing programs would be helpful for you.

If you want to experience some healing right now, make sure to download my Success-soul™ Living Starter Kit. In it you will receive a healing meditation to get the process started.


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