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Helping you create a lifestyle business. Success-soul® living is success with a soul.

It’s about understanding that you are so much more than your physical body and that when you tune into the wisdom of your soul, you tap into your infinite potential. 

Success-soul™ living is about creating a life of joy, health, happiness, love and abundance doing what your soul craves. It’s about living your purpose and stepping into your full potential while making a difference in the world.

Welcome to success-soul® living, where your wildest dreams are manifested, the impossible made possible, and where you can have, be and do anything that sets your soul on fire.


I’m so glad you found your way here, love.

Let’s sit down and get to know each other, shall we? Get comfy, grab a cup of tea and let’s begin this journey together.

Do you ever feel like you’re on this constant roller coaster? You’re doing your best, but you know deep down that life as it is, is no longer working for you?

Do you work hard to please others and live life the way you think you’re supposed to live?

Work hard, have a good job, be a good spouse, mom, friend…do the “right” thing, but secretly deep down you feel like you are being torn apart and like the life you came here to live is slowly slipping away from you?

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Photo Dec 13, 5 46 15 PM

Feeling stuck? Is attachment to old ways keeping in a loop?

Photo Nov 13, 8 17 43 PM

Feel your pain to feel less pain

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How to transform your life and business results on a dime

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God is speaking. Are you listening?

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The secret to easily attracting more money and abundance in your business

Photo Nov 02, 11 27 15 AM

Manifesting: Why raising your frequency should be your # 1 priority and how to do it quickly


My income has become more stable than ever before, and I have all the tools I need to continue building an online business and trusting the universe has my back.

Before I started working with Vibeke, I felt very blocked in my business. I didn’t really believe that one day, I could make a living from my business and have my dream life. Working with Vibeke has literally changed my life!

Martina Fink

Makeup Artist, Beauty Blogger & Health Coach


Vibeke helped me develop my vision through healing and mindset work that has not only changed my business but my entire life.

I was declared legally blind in my teens. During the process of working with Vibeke, I developed such clarity in my business that I was able to heal my actual eyesight as well. I wrote my first best-selling book during that time--with no glasses on! I recommend working with Vibeke if you want to experience miracles in your life and business too.

Sophia Remolde

Author, Artist & Energy Coach

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